What people say

 The root of this change has largely come from working with a fabulous coach Anne, who has really challenged me to take time to reflect upon and think about my values, my beliefs and all the things that are important to me.  To properly think about all my strengths and all the reasons why I am able to succeed if I fully commit myself to taking this journey.  To also remind me that it is OK to be me and to have dreams, but that even dreams need some sort of plan to bring them that little bit closer.

The value of having someone else to pose the questions, listen, gently nudge me along, hold me to account, challenge me and provide a 'safe' space in which to be brave, has been immense.  Deep down I think I probably knew most of the answers I was searching for, I have just uncovered new ways of telling my story and a renewed sense of confidence to go out there and be the person, and business, that I want to be. Jane, Scotland 

Anne has worked with me on my career and personal goals. She has empowered me to develop my self-confidence personally and professionally and left me with a number of techniques I can use when needed. Anne has genuine interest in people . She took the time to understand me, and was very passionate and committed in helping me to be the best I could be. For that reason I can confidently say Anne is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Esther, Lancashire 

The six months I spent working with Anne benefited me massively. At times the sessions were challenging and took me out of my comfort zone, but as the months went by I could feel my confidence begin to grow and along with this the boundaries of my comfort zone also starting to expand. Anne was very patient and able to ask the right questions to help me identify and verbalise the key challenges facing me, and then provide practical tools for me to go away and use in the workplace. As a result of my sessions with Anne, I feel more confident and focused. I also feel better prepared to view challenges and new situations as an opportunity to keep learning and developing and not something to be feared. I really enjoyed working with Anne and would recommend others to do the same! Claire, Berkshire

I have had great support from Anne. I can honestly say she helped me turn my career around at a time when I was struggling. Anne is empathetic, patient and a most importantly a great coach. Working with Anne has meant I am now able to think things through in a different way. On a regular basis I now ask myself ‘what would Anne ask me’ and it helps me solve little challenges or approach things differently. I will always be grateful for her help and support. Nicola, Gloucestershire 

Working with Anne over the past few months has most definitely helped me explore my personal feelings about work / life balance and taken me on a bit of a journey. Anne is non-judgemental, supportive, yet challenging. It’s been an immensely positive experience that has left me in a really good place personally and workwise. Sharon, Hampshire

Anne's down to earth and professional approach to coaching has delivered real results for me. It was really easy to establish a connection with Anne that made me totally comfortable to confide in her. Anne helped me identify problem areas in my life that were causing stress, then steered me to realign my life areas with more realistic goals. She worked with me to apply practical tools that mean I can now prioritise more efficiently and keep check of any negative emotions that can hinder progress. I can now confidently go forward in both my career and personal life, feeling I have the plans firmly in place to support me in that process. Sophie, Middlesex