Life coaching

Unlocking your potential

Anxiety, lack of confidence and uncertainty can hold us back and get in the way of us stepping out of our comfort zones into new dreams and adventures. 

Would you like to:

  • feel more confident?
  • stop putting things off?
  • resolve that issue?
  • be more assertive?
  • achieve that goal?

Sometimes our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can get in the way of us achieving our potential. Working together, I can help you identify what might be holding you back and support you to develop empowering thoughts and beliefs and take positive action to unlock your potential. 

Enhancing your wellbeing

Positive wellbeing is when we feel happiness, contentment, enjoyment and engagement. Would you like to: 

  • feel more purposeful?
  • have more balance in life? 
  • feel less isolated?
  • be more active?
  • feel healthier?

Sometimes it can feel that life just hasn't quite turned out how you would have liked it to. If you would like to feel happier and more in control of your life, we can work together to explore what's important to you and develop a plan to help you feel good and enjoy life more.

Navigating change

Are you considering:

  • a career change?
  • your future after sport? 
  • returning to work?
  • redundancy or retirement?
  • a new life somewhere different?

Whilst change can be unsettling, it also offers the opportunity to take stock and plan the life that you want. I can support you on the journey, helping you prepare for, navigate and thrive as you step into new adventures.  

Coaching is all about you and is tailored to meet your needs. Call me on 07421282628 to discuss how we could work together.