Life coaching


Coaching offers you a safe space in which to to be heard. I will listen in a non-judgemental way, in a supportive and confidential environment. Often just the space to talk through an issue with the feeling that you are not on your own, can help provide greater clarity on the way forward.

Explore and discover

Together we will explore your current situation and identify what you would like instead. This could be tackling a 'right here, right now' issue or gaining greater clarity on a longer term dream or goal. We will discover the strengths and resources that you already have, as well as what else you might need on your journey. You may have some beliefs that are holding you back. If this is the case, I can help you develop more helpful and enabling beliefs to help you achieve your goals. Together we will discover a range of ideas that can help you move forward and the ones that will have the biggest potential impact for you. 

Plan and progress

One day, or day one. You decide. The real difference that will make a difference is your commitment to taking action. Having identified the things you feel are going to help you achieve your goals, I will help you make a plan to create the positive change in your life that you are looking for. As your coach I will inspire and motivate you as you progress along on your journey.

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